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There are fewer homes for sale today than at any time in over a decade. If you're a homeowner, this might be the ideal time to list. 

Why sell your home with a Realtor?

  • Advertising and marketing cost money.

  • Marketing real estate takes time, and time is money.

  • Effective marketing requires experience, knowledge, and expertise.

  • A broker maximizes exposure of your property through multiple listing systems and cross media marketing, including web, print media, mailing campaigns, and presentation materials.

  • As your fiduciary representative, a broker can prevent common mistakes and represent your best financial and personal interests.

As your Realtor, I commit to the following personal services:

  • Set a schedule of open houses for buyers, renters, and brokers as frequently as you will allow me to hold them.

  • Make myself available at your convenience to coordinate appointments and showing schedules seven days a week.

  • Once your property is shown, you will receive a log of potential purchasers and real estate brokers who have viewed your property.

  • You can rely on me to do the necessary research and pre-qualify all potential prospects.

  • I will do all the necessary work to successfully rent or sell your apartment. From presenting board packages, to preparing potential prospects for interviews with co-ops or condominium boards, to coordinating inspections and working with appraisers, attorneys and lenders.

  • I will commit to obtain the best price that the property will command.

  • As your agent, I am with you throughout the entire process. Including after-sales support.

What do I need from you as a Seller?

  • Know your property. If you are not already, become familiar with such facts about your property as property taxes, zoning, lot size, square footage, etc. 

That's it. Leave the rest with me! 

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